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Vom Slaney-Vale is the end result of a lifetime with hunting dogs. It is actually the name of a small hill, in a tiny town on the south coast of Newfoundland where I was born and raised, and equally a place that will always have a special circle of love tucked away in a favoured corner of my heart. Much like my deep admiration, loyalty and love for the Deutsch Drahthar.

I devoted 25 years of love and dedication to the Brittany and bred 6 generations. Slaney's Brittanies were highly valued among hunters and made their mark in homes all across our great land. However, life made a dramatic turn in the road for me a dozen years or so ago, and the Deutsch-Drahthaar totally won me over around that time.

Hunting, genetics/canine reproduction and puppy development have been my life long commitment and a continued passion in action.

Vom Slaney-Vale's DD breeding program will reflect true dedication to the breed based on root principles of the VDD, and will seek to maintain and enhance absolute quality, through diligent performance testing, versatile hunting use, health and temperament investigations of litters and individuals, while executing well planned blood line combinations. Never will you see a breeding combination made by me out of convenience because a male is close by.

I strongly support the efforts of all seriously dedicated DD breeders in their quest to maintain and improve the true versatility which makes this chosen breed, the Deutsch Drahthaar, so special.

My female foundation lines have been owned and trained by me since they were puppies, so as to correctly and "accurately" assess true level of genetic value by individual development, home companionship, and field performance. Over the past number of years, visits were made to Germany and elsewhere in Europe and much investigation, selection, discussion and listening was embraced and absorbed as a solid foundation of breed understanding. Along the way I completed my JGHV Apprenticeship and received Judge certification. Also, to date, I've successfully completed 20 JGHV Tests: 9 VJP's, 6 HZP's 1 BTR and 4 Prize 1 VGP's: my most recent testing evaluations being a VJP-70 points HZP-185 points and VGP 310 Points with Heather vom Slaney-Vale.

Vom Slaney-Vale is proud to present the female side of the breeding vision, the planned male sides of the blood line combinations, plus some tributes to our dogs of the past. In my breeding selections great attentions is being paid to natural health, sound temperament and balanced hunting versatility.

I hope you enjoy the website and the image profiles of my wonderful Drahthaar partners.

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