Toske vom Oechtringer-Forst

Life and times of Toske vom Oechtringer-Forst(aka Toska): From Housebreaking to the VGP: Toska came to us as an 8 week old puppy from Claus Wilhelm Wolle's highly respected v. Oechtringer-Forst breeding program in Germany: Claus chose her for me and for that I am forever grateful to him and his wonderful breeding efforts. Toska is an outstanding individual: Always happy: Superb Character. Finished her VJP with 72: HZP with 175: VGP Prize 1 (TF)293Points: Breed show with SG/SG 9/10 ZR#249/07: 62/62:HD Free(A): vWD Clear (by DNA): Toska is an individual that lives to please: Always cooperative: There is never a doubt that when she is in the field, she's there as a team member. Toska's puppies have exhibited all the same talent and good attitude that she possesses: When bred to the son of Frida v. Erthal (Erna), Des vom Slaney-Vale, she produced wonderful family Drahthaars. From that combination, I chose Heather vom Slaney-Vale, who has proven to be everything I could have hoped for and more: When Heather was bred to Rex vom Fuchsberg, owned by my dear friend Ken Dinn, for the N litter, I kept Nora vom Slaney-Vale, and Nora is proving to be every bit the quality of individual that is her mom Heather, Her Grandmother Toska, Her Grandfather Des, and her great grandmother Erna,
Two others of Toska's direct puppies, Esther vom Slaney-Vale owned by my dear friend Blaine Eickelschulte (vom Ike) and Kris vom Slaney-Vale, owned by Dr. Tim Zoellner, SD, are certified for breeding, and are forming the basis of other Breeding lines. Her grand daughter Nella (Nora's sister) owned by Andrea Clarke, has also been certified for breeding.
Without question, Toska is the type of individual, that when on a pedigree as part of a line, a breeder can be absolutely certain, that strong genetics of Health, temperament and versatile ability have been significantly contributed
Toska passed peacefully away at the age of 14: I loved her from the first day I laid eyes on her and she licked my face, and that has never changed. She is a part of Drahthaar history now, but her memories will live with me until she and I meet again in some other field...........

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