Des vom Slaney-Vale

I am proud to have planned this breeding that produced Des. He is an energetic, sensible, cooperative, temperamentally sound, versatile talented and naturally Healthy young male. He is what he is by genetics, not by forced training. Having brought him along from birth to full breed certification, I can say without reservation, that he is a very fine Breed Representative. His VJP score is 67 points at 8 months old in Watertown. His HZP score is 182 points at 14 months old in Iowa: He successfully passed his VGP. His Breed Show is Form 10, Coat 11. He is HD Free A: OCD and ED clear. His size is 62 cm /63 cm. His coat has gotten progressively Harder and more dense. He can take training and is not a hard dog to work with. He has been bred three times and these litters are quite consistent with real nice attitudes and excellent health. Des is now retired as a stud dog, but continues to enjoy his time in the field.

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